Canon e-Bags Prime appreciates your business. We are committed to selling your designer items at the best possible price. The owner pays 1500php (per batch)  to our shop as compensation for us selling your item.

An overview of our consignment agreement:

TERM: Consignment period is 2-4 weeks from the date of acceptance of all consignor merchandise.

CONDITION: All consigned merchandise must be delivered or shipped to our office. Consignor must disclose to Canon e-Bags Prime, prior to acceptance of the merchandise, any and all flaws, damage and/or alterations to the merchandise.

OWNERSHIP: The consignor guarantees that he/she is the true and lawful owner of any and all merchandise consigned with Canon e-Bags Prime.😊

Official Website:
Facebook Page: Canon e-Bags Prime Trading

AUTHENTICITY: Canon e-Bags Prime accepts only authentic designer items. Consignor guarantees the authenticity of all merchandise consigned and is responsible for any/ all additional feed and/ or legal actions taken by a third party regarding the sale of merchandise that is found not to be authentic.

PRICING: Canon e-Bags Prime and consignor will mutually agree on price. Owner may decide to mark down prices if unsold after 4 weeks or so. In cases where consignor does not explicitly specify a desired price, Canon e-Bags Prime reserves the right to determine the final selling price of any and all merchandise. Final sales prices will be determined based on brand, style, condition and inclusion/s.

PROCEEDS/ PAYMENTS: In all cases where consignor items are sold, Canon e-Bags Prime will either deposit or consignors may pick up the check/s.


Things to know when you consign with Canon e-Bags Prime

1. To avoid conflict, before you sell your items to others, kindly ask us first if they are still available

2. For pull outs, please schedule an appointment at least 1 day ahead. Our team needs time to gather and prepare your items from our warehouse.

3. For updates, the owners should be the one to ask for an update from us. Once an item is sold, we deposit or prepare the payment right away

– We can also accommodate trade if consignor’s items are sold and they find something from our collection.

Thank you,

Marga Canon

Please click this link for consignment aggrement.