Consignment process:

Items for consignment must be sent to us for inspection. Once we have the items with us, we, the consignee, and you, the consignor, will agree upon a price to be paid for each item. We will then hold the item for photo-taking, modeling, and uploading to our web store and other social media platforms. Only when the item is sold and fully paid for shall we send full payment of the agreed upon amount to the consignor.

Kindly note of the following:

CONDITION:  The consignor must disclose any flaws, damage and/or alterations of their items.

OWNERSHIP: The consignor guarantees that they are the true and lawful owner of items to be consigned.

AUTHENTICITY: We only accept authentic items and hold the right to refuse any item.

FEE: A “Pull-out”* fee of 1,000php will be charged per item (to cover costs of modeling, uploading, and other operational costs). 1,500php fee charge for item/s that will pull-out for less than a month. There will be no fee to be paid if the item is sold.

LAYAWAY: As we offer layaway plans for items sold, note that we will send payment for your item as soon as we have received full payment for the item sold.

In cases where the consignor does not explicitly specify their desired price, we will determine the selling price based on brand, style, condition and inclusion/s.

*”Pull-out” refers to when you wish to get back your consigned item before it has been sold. Note that we will return the item as soon as we have received payment of the “Pull-out” fee (usually one working day after payment has been confirmed)

Additional things to note:

1. To avoid conflict, before you sell your items to others, kindly ask us first if they are still available

2. Consignors may choose to use our payment to them to purchase an item from our collection.