How does consignment work?

Here at Canon E-Bags Prime, we offer consignment for items that our clients wish to sell, but we decide not to purchase outright. Typically, we receive items from clients, appraise them, and agree on an appropriate price for them. We then post the items for sale and once sold, we pay the agreed upon price to the consignor (via bank transfer, cash, check, or store credit).

Cause we usually buy in demand styles and if price is right. Otherwise, if we think we can sell the items, we accept them for consignment. Its a 30 day period consignment but client could always extend without charge. Once item/s are sold, we settle the payment right away. Pull out fee is 500 per item. 😊

You only pay 500 pull out fee if unsold. If sold, we pay you right away. That why we always encourage reasonable prices so that we get to sell the items😊