How does consignment work?

Another option we offer our valued clients at Canon E-Bags Prime Trading is CONSIGNMENT, which we suggest for items with potential for resell, but we opt to not purchase outright. We oblige items with in-demand styles, tolerable flaws with reasonable prices.

Step 1: Items are received at the showroom and are thoroughly inspected by our Appraisal team to evaluate the condition, style and saleability.

Step 2: After our assessment we relay our offer to the consignor. If agreed upon, the item is kept in store to showcase to viewers. It enters production and has detailed shots taken, is modelled, and posted on all social media accounts as well as our website. 

Step 3: Once a buyer shows intent on purchasing your item, we process authentication. Should the result come up as unidentified we will contact you to shoulder the fee. 

Step 4: Once the sale pushes through after authentic results are generated, we schedule to settle the payment of the originally agreed price. 

Consignment is a 30 day period without a fee, and can be extended. We only charge a pullout fee amounting to 1,500 if done before the 30th day of the contract, and anytime after 1,000. 

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any other questions or concerns.  Thank you! ☺️💕