How to sell your items

We’re happy to read that you’re interested in selling your items to us! ☺️ Please be reminded on the following conditions for what we buy, and our outright buy process 💕🥰 

✔️We consider buying demand, fast moving styles with high sell probability.

✔️ Items must be in at least excellent condition; with at most minor and tolerable flaws. 

✔️Reasonable prices to allow for fast resell. 

✔️ For in demand styles, if prices are high, we will have to politely decline due to no room for mark up 💕☺️

✔️ Our team must authenticate and conduct a careful physical and visual inspection of your items ☺️

Our rule of thumb is to have all items go through our tried and tested process. The final step before payment, entails a final decision after we have taken into consideration all points cited above ❤️ 

Step 1: Send us detailed photos of your item, showing visible flaws, if any. When offering your item, it is best to indicate as many details as possible with regards to its current condition so tat we may conduct a faithful assessment.

Step 2: If based on the photos you have sent, we are interested in your item, we will then ask you to bring the item to our showroom in Greenhills, San Juan for appraisal. Alternatively, you may send the item to us through a courier service, shipping fee to be shouldered by the owner of the item/s.

Step 3: Depending on the item’s saleability and condition, we may outright buy your item and offer to send you a check or deposit the amount agreed upon. Otherwise, we may advice you to have the item consigned with us.